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Records and Information Management Specialist (Records Officer)

US Department of the Interior - Herndon, VA

Develop and conduct periodic records and information management quality control reviews, compliance audits, risk assessments and surveys to measure the…
(3 days ago)

Records and Information Management Specialist

US Department of the Interior - Reston, VA

Your expected release/retirement from active duty, 2) under honorable conditions, 3) your pay grade/rank/rate at time of discharge, 4) dates of active duty…
(4 days ago)

Management Assistant

US Department of Defense - Chantilly, VA

The "certification" is any written document from the armed forces that certifies the service member is expected to be discharged or released from active duty…
(3 days ago)

new- Freelance Healthcare and IT Recruiters

CEETECH - Reston, VA

We are looking for an independent recruiter to work on a freelance permanent basis you can make your own hours days nights or weekends we are very flexible, we…
(6 hours ago)
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